Oceans Family Success Center

Support Groups

Support Groups

One of the greatest gifts a person can give another
is their support. . . .let’s support each other.

The Baby Bunch – Mom & their children (ages 1-3) can get together in a fun, safe environment for play dates.  The Moms meet and form bonds while the children play and develop  healthy social interactions.

Boys2Men – is an opportunity for middle and high school boys to be mentored by adult males (21 yrs. +).  If you are interested in mentoring and being a positive role model, then please contact Linda A. Rossi at 732-455-5272.

The Father Factor – is a support group for single and partnered Fathers to support and educate each other.  Topics of discussion will be lead by the group.

Milestone Moms – is a support group for Moms who are done having their children and are now considering their next steps.  Topics will include reentering the workforce, volunteering, and more depending on the interests of the group.

Mommy & Me – is a support group for Moms with preschool children (ages 3-4) to meet, bond and support each other.

The Stork Club – is a support group for Expecting Mothers or First Time Mothers who want to know what to expect while expecting & how to handle the baby’s first year of life.

Strengthening the Family (SFP) – is a program for families that meets once a week for six (6) weeks.  SFP provides behavior-shaping techniques to increase communication skills and enhance family bonding for a more positive home environment.

Group meeting times will be determined by the members of each group.
If you are interested, please call the office @732-455-5272.